Product Release takes the biscuit…

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We pride ourselves on being able to help companies in a wide range of industries solve problems they come across during their production processes. One of our recent projects was within the baking industry and thanks to our 30 plus years of history working with this sector, we had plenty of experience in providing tailored solutions. 

A bakery client had previously approached us before Christmas as they were having problems with their reindeer shaped gingerbread biscuits sticking to their cutters. This led to wasted product, production delays and increased costs. We reviewed their production line and equipment before determining the ideal solution to ensure Rudolph came out in one piece. 

Thanks to the success with this project, the client returned to us when they experienced the same issue with their gingerbread men biscuits. 

The gingerbread cutters were put through our pyrolysis oven process to remove the old coating and burn off any food residues left from production. They were then shot blasted ready for spray application with our PR175 2 Coat Release Coating System.  

PR175 was the ideal coating for the project as it provides maximum release properties and good wear resistance so would be able to withstand the customers production demand.  

As we had done the same refurbishment work on the reindeer cutters, we were able to strip and recoat the gingerbread men cutters within a rapid turnaround time resulting in minimal downtime for the customer.  

With the new coating in place, the gingerbread production line was running much more efficiently with minimal wastage and reduced downtime.  

If you have a refurbishment project in need of a non-stick coating solution, contact our sales team today to see how we could help you. 

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