Printing & Packaging
We work with companies across a wide range of industry sectors, which has given us the experience to be able to adapt our services for any requirement.
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Printing & Packaging

As with any other industry, the Printing & Packaging sector has its challenges in the production environment, however it is normally a fast moving production and problems can be a big headache, very quickly.

The use of PR SYSTEM™ non-stick, low friction coatings can be of great assistance in reducing or eliminating these problems.

Our mission is to not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them in both the quality of our service and the PR SYSTEMS™ that we apply.

If you have an issue, please contact our technical department for advice, and we will recommend a solution!!

New or Used

Not only can we apply our coatings to new items, we can also remove old, defunct coating, refresh/repair the original substrate and then apply a new coating.


  • Heat Sealing/Packaging Equipment
  • Tracking Rollers
  • Ink Trays/buckets
  • Mixing Equipment
  • Guide Rails


  • Easier flow of products through production line
  • Perfect Seal each time
  • Refurbishment extends the life of the original equipment
  • Reduced production downtime (cleaning time)
  • Reduced costs
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Printing & Packaging Coating

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