Who We Are

In 1962 Jesper Saabye founded Dansk Silicone Central ApS, applying silicone based materials to domestic and industrial bakeware to solve a wide variety of “sticking” problems for the Scandanavian market.

In 1980 Coys was established, applying fluoropolymer based material to industrial bakeware for the UK market. This business was later purchased by George Wilkinsons, who were already an established brand in the supply of consumer bakeware (pre-coated metal).

These businesses were completely unaware of each other’s existence until, in 1993 when George Wilkinsons purchased the licence from Dansk Silicone to use their range of silicone coatings, predominantly for the cake production bakery sector.

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Global Production Facilities

Product Release Europe is a global company, with fully equipped, cutting edge production facilities accross the globe

UK – Coating Application
Coating/recoating using fluoropolymer, silicone and ceramic systems

Turkey – Manufacture & Coating Application
Manufacture of Industrial bakeware, coating/recoating using fluoropolymer and silicone systems

Denmark – Sales Office
Sales Office

China (Fuda Fluoroplastics/Wuxi Bakeware)
Manufacture of Industrial bakeware, coating/recoating using fluoropolymer and silicone systems


UK Team

Denmark Team

Turkey Team

China Team

Introduction to the business, our history and values.

In 1995 George Wikinson decided to concentrate their business on the domestic market and as such the Industrial Bakeware site was put up for sale. Jesper saw the obvious synergies between the UK and Danish businesses and decided to purchase GW Industrial Bakeware.

In March 1996 both companies amalgamated under the brand “Product Release Europe” to show commitment to our customers both in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

This remained the situation for a further 12 years, when in 2008, Jacob Saaybe took a share holding in Fuda Fluoroplastics (part of Flowery Bakeware in Wuxi, China).  This partnership gave Product Release the ability to supply industrial bakeware on a significant scale, as Flowery are the largest bakeware manufacturer/coater in China.

Whilst the above gave us the ability to both supply and coat industrial bakeware, the distances involved sometimes proved challenging and so, when the opportunity arose in 2017, we decided to set up our own in-house manufacturing facility in Turkey.

Jacob set up Product Release Turkey with a manufacturing and coating facility in Bursa, Istanbul.

We now have the technical capability to supply most types of industrial bakeware and ship worldwide from our “new” factory.

UK, Ireland, Turkey, Bangladesh, Belgium, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Ghana, Holland, Kenya, India, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morroco, Pakistan, Phillipeans, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, USA

We take pride in the development of our company over the last 60 years and the personal touch we still provide. We continually strive to improve upon our services in the most sustainable way possible, and in recognition of this we hold certifications to the following:

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System – Held by our UK site since 2009, certification body WSC/UKAS
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System – Held by our UK site since August 2020, certification body WSC/UKAS.
  • PPG approved coater.
  • PPG Lineguard licenced applicator for UK, Turkey and China