Working smarter everyday…

This March we were awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Made Smarter, recognising our efforts in digital transformation throughout our operations and our dedication to become a forward-thinking innovative organisation.  

We have always applied our range of release coatings by manual wet and dry spray. This manual application whilst providing a quality finish, inherently led to differences in application as no sprayer, no matter how experienced, can replicate the exact same finish on each individual item coated. This potential inconsistency in coating application could lead to differences in performance of the coating at the customer’s site. Additionally, due to this method of application, transfer efficiency of the coating application is not optimal, and we hoped to reduce wastage.  

To address the above, we engaged with Made Smarter to design a robotic cell capable of applying the various coating systems to the variety of shapes and sizes of items we coat.  

The design is nearing completion and the system should go live in September this year, when we will issue an additional article. 

This improvement is part of a companywide commitment to developing our production capabilities allowing us to provide an enhanced service and supply to both existing and new customers.