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The 5 Advantages Of Xylan Coatings In Advanced Engineering


Last month, here at Product Release, we looked into one of our personal favourites, and may I say, one of our proudest ongoing partnerships since Product Release Europe formed in March 1999.

And it’s our small, but, essential role to play in keeping Boeing A350’s in the air by applying Xylan coatings on critical engineering parts.

This month we wanted to look more closely into the coating, Xylan and go into detail why it’s one of the ‘go-to’ choices for applications.

Especially in highly specified industries such as aerospace and automotive where there is no margin for error where safety is concerned.

What Are The Advantages of Xylan Coatings?

8 Customisable Options – The versatility of this coating only adds to the countless number of process and industries it can be applied. Each of the 8 coating variants will have a specific chemical make up which will fit perfectly to the task it’ll be used.

Whether it calls for the Xylan layer to be Solvent-borne or Water-bourne, to be used for screw fastening or entrusted for use on an engine, there is a coating for the job.

Heat & Wear Resistant

As engineering processes are prone to being exposed to high temperatures and continued wear and tear, Xylan’s resistance to both makes it an ideal choice.

Adhesive Properties

Other PTFE coatings just don’t have adhesive properties and will refuse to stick to specific materials. Xylan doesn’t suffer from this issue, making it the first choice for many processes in the engineering industry.

Friction Control

Xylan Coatings, as one of its properties, provides plenty of lubrication, therefore being exceptional at friction control marking it out from other coatings.

They Are Thin.

There are many times where a particular fabricated part in engineering may be the perfect material. However, it won’t have ideal surface properties for the task it’s designed for. 

Which is where Xylan Coatings comes in…

It can be applied as a thin layer over various surfaces, transforming the part, so it now has the right attributes for the job in hand.

As you can see, Xylan is a highly versatile, and often vital coating for today’s level of advanced engineering. We’re happy to work closely with trusted partner Whitford who provide us with their excellent products for our work,  such as that on the Boeing A350.

And if your like to read about this workhorse of the skies, click here for our June article.

If you would like any more information on the non-stick coating services that Product Release can provide for your business, then get in touch with a member of our technical team, who can discuss your requirements.

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01:12 on 2019-07-13