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10 ‘Surprising’ Everyday Items That Contain Nonstick Properties


Product Release has been at the forefront of the application of nonstick coatings in many industries worldwide, and they have no sign of slowing down coming into 2020.

They’ll continue their mission to dramatically cut client costs while helping them become more productive and economical in their all their industrial processes.

Now, it’s not secret Teflon and Nonstick coatings has transformed the way we manufacture, produce and live our lives on a daily basis.

Just to bring this fact home, here is Product Realeases Top 10 ‘surprising’ everyday items that you might not even know have had the ‘magic’ non stick treatment…

1. Nonstick Kitchenware

The industry revolution of nonstick coatings such as Teflon has made cooking an easier and mess free process. Nonstick pans were first invented in 1954, when Mark Gregoire, a French engineer, found that he could bond a slippery substance (PTFE) on to aluminium.

This gamechanging discovery is the reason why nonstick kitchenware repels the tiny oil droplets, and stopping (in most cases…), most cooking disasters.

frying pan

2. Fast Food Containers

Next time you order from your favourite Friday Night takeout place, spare a thought…

Because even ordering a delicious, but very greasy takeaway requires a special type of container. You might think takeaway boxes are only made from plastic and paper, but in fact, many are coated in a thin layer of Teflon, to keep the food from sticking to the packaging.

non stick in takeaway boxes

3. Tents & Camping Equipment

Camping is a great way to re-connect with nature. Sleeping in a tent in the great outdoors might sound like a relaxing way to spend a weekend, but without nonstick properties, you might be a little bit wet.

Camping equipment is often manufactured using fabrics coated with Polyurethane (PU). By applying PU to a fabric, the material becomes liquid resistant, but allows water vapour to pass through it.

This therefore blocks out rain and snow, but will allow sweat to evaporate meaning the inside of the tent will stay as clean and fresh as possible.

(Which is VITAL when you’re in each others personal space for that long)

Teflon in camping

4. Stain & Water Proofing Clothing

Stains and other spills are difficult to get out of fabric especially light colours. Most outdoor and durable clothing used by hikers, has been specially designed to be stain and water proof to prevent the items becoming dirty or damaged.

Nano-tex is a new kind of fabric which is both water and stain resistant. By designing clothing which is highly durable companies can maximise profits by selling the product at a higher price due to the technology which goes into its production.

non stick in waterproof clothing

5. Carpet Treatments

A spilled glass of red wine is often a domestic nightmare to get rid of.

Which means it’s great news that most carpet treatments contain a nonstick solutions to help lift the stain from the fabric quickly.

This is also the case for washing powders and furniture treatments. Without such applications the cost of replacing stained household fabrics on floors, sofas and other furniture could be expensive.

PFOA is a key processing agent in making nonstick and stain-resistant materials and is used in the development of stain resistant fabrics and products.

Teflon in cleaning

6. Popcorn Bags

Yes…Popcorn bags!

Remarkably, popcorn bags all contain nonstick properties. The coating is made from Perfluorooctanoic Acid or PFOA.

This chemical is also used to make Teflon nonstick kitchenware. This special coating prevents the corn from sticking to the sides of the bag.

This is the same for the confectionary industry. Confectionary business like the Tangerine Confectionary Company, the largest independent confectioner in the UK rely heavily on nonstick packaging to cover sticky sweets or chocolates which are prone to melt.

popcorn pr

7. Condiment Containers

Ketchup and Mayonnaise bottles are often coated with nonstick solutions to make them easy to use. If they didn’t have a nonstick coating, it would be difficult to get most of the sauce out of the container. 

Which would be a disaster when chips & fries are on the menu…

kethup pr

8. Umbrellas

Could you imagine trying to cover yourself with a fabric that soaked up the rain rather than repel it?

Well luckily, similar to waterproof clothing, umbrellas also contain a layer of PU designed to repel water and keep you dry. Specifically for umbrellas, the coating applied must be lightweight in order for it to be easily held up.

umbrella pr

9. Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are now a vital piece of kit when it comes to styling hair at home.

They need to glide through the hair without getting stuck to it, especially when heated.

Remington S2004 Shine Therapy Ceramic Hair Straighteners use Teflon Fibre technology which cushions as it glides through, without splitting or damaging any strands and leaving hair smooth and shiny.

hair pr

10. Cosmetics

Our skin naturally contains grease.

For people who have a greasier completion than others, using cosmetics which contain Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE),will help to prevent the product from fading and melting on the skin.

These types of cosmetics and especially useful in warmer climates where sweating is more frequent. Make-up which claims to be waterproof, such as mascara, may also use nonstick to their advantage, to make the product water repellent and last longer.

non stick in make up cosemetics


As you can see, there were a few in the Top Ten that may have come as a bit of a shock…

It does go to show though even everyday tasks and hobbies things that we take for granted have a lot to thank Non-Stick and Teflon coatings for.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

13:40 on 2019-12-11