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Teflon: The ‘Silent Hero’ Behind a Global Breakfast Phenomenon & Hangovers…


When you think of Fast Food, there’s a chance a few famous brands will immediately jump into your head.

KFC, Burger King, and of course…


Now, whether you love them or hate them, McDonald’s became a household name after owner Ray Kroc bought the franchise in 1961 for a cool $2.7 Million (Worth $22 Million in 2019) and has grown ever since.

Not only are the ‘Golden Arches’ one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It has several products that everyone knows too. 

One, in particular, might be more familiar than most. 

If you’ve ever had an early morning start and had to grab a quick bite ‘on the go’ before 11 am, chances are you will have had an Egg McMuffin in your time. 

Now, this begs the question, what has the Egg McMuffin got to do with Teflon?

Well, without it, this signature dish might have never have been possible. 

This is how the story goes…

In 1972, Santa Barbara franchise owner Herb Peterson, asked Ray Kroc to stop by his store because he wanted to show him something.

He wanted Ray there in person because he didn’t want to run the risk of his new creation being turned down flat over the phone without him even tasting it.

And when Ray arrived, Herb proudly showed him was his ‘Breakfast Sandwich.’ 

It consisted of an egg that had been formed in a Teflon circle, with the yolk broken, and dressed with a slice of cheese and a slice of grilled Canadian bacon. This was served open-faced, on a toasted and buttered English muffin.

And at the time, it was a complete original.

Now, without the Teflon circle, the egg wouldn’t have worked for a  sandwich you could just grab and go, because of the mess it would have caused.

However, thanks to Teflon, it was cooked in a perfectly formed, ‘drip free’ way and worked. 

Ray Kroc…LOVED it.

And the rest is history…

The newly named Egg McMuffin was introduced storewide by 1975 and was the catalyst for opening up the whole fast-food breakfast market.

And although Teflon, on the surface, only had a small part to play. Without this versatile material, the egg might never have made it, and we wouldn’t have the Iconic Breakfast Sandwich we know today…

And the savior of countless hangovers across the globe.

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10:39 on 2019-07-22