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Summer’s Around The Corner, And With It… An Unexpected Hero


What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word ‘Summer’?

  • Great weather?
  • Warm, lazy evenings with a cold beer or a glass of wine?
  • Finally chance to fire up the barbecue?

Well, for most of us, the last thing which probably comes to mind is ‘Teflon Coated Fibreglass Sheets’…

Because whenever ‘Teflon’ is mentioned in the same sentence with food, the average man or woman on the street instantly pictures a Teflon Non-Stick Pan.

However, now this versatile material has found its way into the garden and could be the unexpected hero in your BBQ arsenal this summer.

Lets Keep It Clean

We all know how messy and dirty the BBQ can get after a few weeks cooking burgers and steaks and other juicy meats. And unless you clean your grill religiously after every use, (and let’s face it, we don’t) the chances are there’s going to be a build up of greasy and oily residue.

And this is where Teflon Fibreglass Grill Mats come into their own.

Not only are they super convenient, they’re actually one of the healthiest ways to cook our favourites foods and promote healthy eating this BBQ season.

You can place it directly onto the grill or hot plate and because of the conductive nature of the material you can cook your food directly on top and because of non-stick properties no extra oil, fat or grease is needed so calories are reduced.

And the best bit…it’s wipe clean. So, no more extra hassle and mess.

It just goes to show even though the main uses for non-stick surfaces are in the sectors such as automotive, aerospace and other lesser known industries are common, every so often you’ll find this technology in places that you least expect it!

All that’s left to do now is keep our fingers crossed for BBQ weather this Summer so your inner Gordon Ramsey can shine.

11:34 on 2019-04-23