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Product Release Take The Biscuit


As some of our previous posts have helped to showcase, we pride ourselves on being able to help companies in a wide range of industries solve problems they come across during their production processes. One of our most recent projects was within the baking industry, which is the area we’ve had the most exposure to over the past 30 years, so have plenty of experience in coming up with tailored solutions.

A bakery had previously approached us before Christmas after they were having problems with their reindeer shaped gingerbread biscuits sticking to their cutters. This meant it was not only leading to a lot more wastage but also slowing down their production process, both of which resulted in the cost of production being higher than it needed to be. We reviewed their production line and equipment before determining the ideal solution to ensure Rudolph came out in one piece.

Based on the successful completion of our work before Christmas, the company again came to use when they were having the same problem with their gingerbread men biscuits getting stuck to the cutters, meaning their production team couldn’t run, run, run as fast as they could!gingerbread biscuit tin coating

The old and worn coating that was in place on the cutters meant that they didn’t have sufficient release properties, so were again causing increased costs due to the extra time and waste produced. As we knew the coating used on their reindeer cutters had worked so well, we were able to get their 6 gingerbread cutters stripped back and recoated extremely quickly for them, meaning minimal downtime.

With the new coating in place, the bakery is now able to run their gingerbread production line much more efficiently and don’t need to worry about their cutters causing them any problems for the foreseeable future.
If you’re currently looking for a solution to your bakeware problems, then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, who will be more than happy to help find the right solution for your specific circumstances.

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09:24 on 2018-06-06