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Product Release Provides Solution For Chemically Resistant Coating


While Product Release are primarily renowned for working with clients to provide non-stick coating solutions, another area we’re experts in is chemically resistant coatings, highlighted by one of our most recent pieces of work.

The problem

We were recently approached by a company that produces cleaning agents, including caustic soda and hypochlorite solutions. They needed a coating option that would enable theequipment used during the production of the cleaning agents to be protected from the numerous corrosive substances used within their processes.

The main components that were at risk were a shaft and three blade heads, with chemical damage to any of these parts potentially causing expensive delays and downtime in production. Without applying a chemically resistant coating, the only other real option to prevent damage would be to have the parts made from an exotic alloy such as Hastelloy, but these can prove to be an extremely expensive option, which is why they came to us.

The solution

Shaft with chemically resistant coatingIn order to ensure that the surfaces are protected from the highly corrosive chemicals, the metallic substrates need to have an inert film applied to stop the chemicals being able to attack them.

After reviewing their exact rehead blade with chemically resistant coatingquirements, we determined that Halar (ECTFE) would be the most suitable option to coat their equipment. Halar is a semi-crystalline fluoropolymer and the key reasons that led to us choosing this are;

  • It has excellent chemical resistance properties
  • It has been proven to have long-lasting performance in aggressive environments
  • It provides extremely strong adhesion to metallic substrates

We coated each of the items in a thick film of Halar by using an electrostatic spray to ensure that the substrate was completely protected. An additional benefit of using this as the coating is that as well as being extremely resistant to chemicals, it can also be used up to 150°C, providing additional heat resistance.


No matter the industry, Product Release can work with customers to provide them with the best possible solution to their specific needs, if you are interested in discussing your current coating requirements or problems, get in touch with a member of the team.

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14:26 on 2017-09-07