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Piece Of Cake – Product Release Solve Another Industry Issue


With the bakery industry being one of the key areas that Product Release have extensive experience of working in, we’re always glad to help another business solve their problems, and one of our most recent items of work did exactly that.

The Problem

We were approached by a European customer that specialise in the baking of cakes. They came to us looking for a solution to get their slab cake tins back in top working order after they had become worn by prolonged use over time. You can see the condition of the cake tins when they arrived with us below;

Cake Slab Tin before coating







The degradation of the surfaces of the cake tins were causing the bakery issues with their quality control and efficiency, primarily due to the fact that much more product sticking was occurring with the worn surfaces. This was costing the business not only in terms of wastage but also in the additional time needed to clean their bakeware as well.

The Solution

After reviewing the specific needs of the bakeware equipment for the company, we came to the decision that the best option was to re-coat the slab cake tins with our silicone glaze PR455 coating solution.

Before the coating was applied however, the surfaces of the tins needed to be blasted clean to remove any of the previous coating and provide a fresh surface for the new coating to be applied, you can see the cleaned tin below;

Cleaned and prepared slab cake tin

Why Silicone Glaze?

– Excellent  heat  stability,  which means the bakeware can withstand the high temperatures it is exposed to.

– Good  release  properties, which will vastly reduce the chance of any of the baked goods sticking to the cake tin during production.

– A silicone glaze provides a food grade coating solution for use within the bakery industry.

The End Result

With the cake tins stripped back, we were able to then apply the silicone glaze coating and get them shipped back to the customer. With the new coating in place they’ll be able to see an instant improvement in the performance of their production line, with reduced waste and increased output brought about by the non-stick surface.

The finished tins can be seen below;






If you’re currently looking for a solution to your bakeware problems, then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, who will be more than happy to help find the right solution for your specific circumstances.

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11:03 on 2018-03-29