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How Often Should You Coat Your Bakeware?


Whether you are a running a relatively low scale family craft bakery or large industrial plant bakery, keeping your equipment in top working condition will help to ensure that both the quality and efficiency of your production remains high. One aspect that can have a major impact for both of these areas is on the quality of the bakeware surface coating – if it’s much used and worn, then chances are that there will be a direct negative impact on your production. Though how often bakeware needs to be re-coated really depends on what products are being baked, and how well you look after your equipment, we’ve put together some basic guidelines below.

The Rule of Thumb

We generally work on the basis that the standard coating on a bread pan can get between 2000-2500 After recoatingreleases before needing to be redone. Obviously for a small craft baker, this could equate to many years of use based on the smaller production requirements. A plant bakery however, could be producing loaves by the tens of thousands per day, in which case the bakeware may need to be re-coated every 9-12 months.

For morning goods trays such as pastries and crumpets, we usually expect that they can be used around 3000-5000 times before requiring a re-coating. Again, for a local bakery it should give years of use for each coating, whereas a plant bakery may need to re-coat the equipment every 12-15 months.

Make your non-stick coating last longer

The guidelines on the number of uses that we have provided above are based on proper usage, maintenance and storage of your bakeware, but you can help make sure you get the most out of each coating by taking the following precautions:   banner-bakery

  • Do not stack the trays and tins on top of each other, this has the potential to scuff and scratch away at the surface coating, leading to a much shorter life.
  • After every use clean off any residue to ensure nothing sticks hard, making it much more difficult to remove.

Due to the fact we have no control over their usage, we are unable to offer any guarantees on the lifetime of any of our coatings. However, if bakeware is properly looked after then the top ends of the estimated scales are achievable.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

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