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Non-Stick Coatings Keeping The Confectionery Industry Sweet


We live in a world where sweets and baked goods make our lives complete. For those with a sweet tooth, indulging in their favourite cake or a choc-chip cookie now and then is one of life’s little joys.

Even the savory lovers cannot escape from desserts as they fill our birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and any other celebrations. 

So, where did it all begin?

You might be surprised to know that cravings for sweet dishes date back to our ancestors who lived in caves.

Because when they tasted honey for the first time…They were hooked.

Fast forward to Joseph Fry, who in 1847 in the UK, discovered that he could make a moldable chocolate paste by adding melted cacao butter back into Dutch cocoa.

And this was further developed in 1849 when John Cadbury introduced his chocolate bar whose brand is now known worldwide as a measure of quality.

Today, we have shops selling chocolates, cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins, and other delectable items in almost every corner of the world.

Let us now look at how the confectionery industry has been growing and its key challenges around producing baked goods with less wastage. Then, we will take a look at the modern solution to these challenges, aka, the non-stick coating.

The Rise of the Confectionery Industry

As of 2020, the global confectionery and snacks industry revenue was 1.2 billion USD.

Between 2020 and 2025, this number is set to grow by 4.5%.

The reason?

No matter what happens, birthdays would always be celebrated with a cake, and love and happiness will continue to be spread through desserts.

Regardless of pandemics, recessions, job losses, and other negative scenarios affecting the global economy, the confectioners continue to produce your favourite baked goodies. 

Similar to many other things in the food segment, the confectioners in the UK have a large role to play in this global growth. Sugar confectioners are contributing to this growth through a variety of innovations.

The biggest players in the segment include Nestle, Pladis, and Mars. Leading bakeries such as Associated British Foods, Finsbury, etc. are also rising to the occasion.

Challenges in the Production Lines

Despite being such a growing industry, the confectionery business is not without challenges. One of the needs of this industry is to increase the production rate and maintain the life of their equipment. 

However, this is easier said than done.

This is because most sweet items have a sticky element that when repeatedly pressed on the baking and production lines can cause damage to the equipment over time.

This results in malfunctioning of the equipment and causes the entire supply chain to slow down. 

Moreover, when the stickiness of the baking surface increases, the end product itself can be damaged, resulting in unwarranted wastage.

Is there a solution?

Non-Stick Coatings to the Rescue

What could better counter the stickiness issue of baked goods than a good non-stick coating?

That’s right, for growing and large confectioneries, a lot of food wastage can be reduced simply by applying a non-stick coating to the baking surfaces and the production lines.

This ensures that the product leaves the surface and moves on to the next step in the manufacturing process without leaving a single crumb behind. 

The non-stick coating not only reduces wastage but also enables the baked goods to move smoothly and quickly from one surface to another, thereby increasing production efficiency.

Lastly, there is no question of products being burnt or overcooked when they are baked on non-stick surfaces.

‘Sweetness’ Overload

With the confectionery industry continuing to grow at a steady rate, it is but inevitable that there will continue to be high demands for sweets and desserts in the next few decades at least.

The confectioners must gear up to meet these demands as soon as possible, which means, they need to produce more baked goods in lesser time with zero wastage. 

When the solution lies in a simple non-stick coating throughout the baking and the production equipment, there should be no worry in meeting these demands.

This means, more sweets to share with your loved ones, bigger cakes on birthdays, indulging in cookies more often, and in general, literally filling the world with sugar, are all on the cards soon.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

14:55 on 2020-07-27