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New And Improved Non-Stick Coating For The Bakery & Food Industry


When it comes to non-stick coatings in the Bakery & Food Industry, we know our stuff...

However, just because we’ve found a solution that’s working now, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a better one just around the corner.

We have a looking history working closely with the Bakery Industry

That’s why, here at Product Release, we’re always searching for improvements in our products and what we can offer our clients to get the most out of our services.

And in the last month, we’ve launched a new product that does just that.

Let me explain…

Although Teflon & PTFE has proven itself time and time again in bakery and food industry settings for its release properties on bakeware, dough carriers, storage trays, conveyor screws and moulders, pressure and divider plates, hoppers, and chutes, to name just a few…

It’s been widely noted that when applied to various equipment and products, the result can be relatively soft and easily damaged with sharp objects.

(Just look at the scratch on your favourite Teflon non-stick pan where someone absent-mindedly used a fork instead of a wooden spoon to stir their dinner.)

This, of course, doesn’t just apply to your kitchen, but in industrial settings and where manufacturing takes place on a large scale, there will be instances where tougher, more abrasive resistance non-stick coatings are required.

And this is where our new offering comes into play...

Because a way to improve the abrasion resistance is to actually precoat the substrate with a “rough” Stainless Steel spatter.

The theory is that the Stainless Steel Matrix is porous, and the coating, rather than just sitting on the top, penetrates the matrix, forms a much stronger bond, and is more resilient to damage.

And below is an example of a job using this process we completed for a well-known UK bakery with one of their conical moulders.

Which is used when the bread dough is rolled around it before being deposited in the bread tins for baking.

Conical moulder

Now, after treatment, apart from the coating being more resistant…

It is also said to increase the release properties as the surface is rougher and has peaks and troughs, meaning fewer contact points for the dough to attach to, only improving the overall manufacturing operation.

These properties are, of course, not exclusive to just the conical moulder, but can be applied to other areas of manufacture in the bakery as well as many other industries that use non-stick coatings in their production processes such as Automotive, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and almost every other industry you can think of. 

To finish…

As I mentioned at the start, as a company we strive to keep on top of the latest technologies so we can save time, improve efficiency, lower overall cost across our client’s businesses…

And believe that our new non-stick offering hits all those criteria on the nose.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help you with your bakery & food production needs, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

15:20 on 2021-08-23