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The Multiple Uses For Corrosion Resistant Coatings


While the main focus of a lot of the work we carry out is based on providing non-stick coating solutions to businesses across numerous industries, corrosion resistant coatings are also a popular option and can be utilised in a number of different instances where surfaces are exposed to a harsher environment.

Environmental Resistance

non-stick coating spaceshipAs we’ve previously highlighted in our blog post and infographic about the usage of non-stick coatings, NASA have utilised coatings to solve a number of issues in their space missions. One of the most crucial implementations relates to the coating that is applied to the outer surface of spacecraft to help deal with the tougher atmospheric conditions that can be found. By applying the surfaces with a durable coating, they can be protected from erosion, meaning that the integrity of the spacecraft can be maintained and costly and potentially dangerous damage can be avoided.

Similarly, the spacesuits worn by astronauts when carrying out external work, also need to be extremely durable to prevent the catastrophic outcome that a tear in the suit could produce.

Chemical Resistance

Chemically resistant coatingsFor any production environments that involve either the processing or utilisation of hard chemicals, the right coating is a must to prevent the degradation of piping and equipment. Without a coating in place, aggressive chemicals can, and almost certainly will, end up having a major impact on the ability to maintain production levels.

This can be as a result of either complete shutdown of machinery due to the damage caused by chemicals, a reduced efficiency caused by build up on the surfaces or lack of non-stick properties and an increased risk of product contamination brought about by the damaged equipment.

Heat Resistance

heat resistant coatingsSimilarly to environments that are exposed to aggressive chemicals, equipment, parts and machinery that are subjected to high temperatures can also suffer from the same problems if not treated correctly. To help prevent heat corrosion, a heat resistant coating will protect the substrate from being exposed to the extreme temperatures and ensure that the equipment can remain in full working order.

You can find out more about one of our specific heat resistant case studies here.

As well as the above cases, one of the main causes of corrosion is from rust brought about by exposure to water and/or moisture and there are numerous coating applications available that can resolve this issue.

If you’re currently experiencing a corrosion based issue, then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, who will be more than happy to help find the right solution for your specific circumstances.

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