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Making Superhydrophobic Coatings Fun!


While we’re used to utilising hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings for practical purposes to help solve a wide range of issues across different industries, we’ve found an additional use for hydrophobic coatings in a recent YouTube video.

The latest post on NightHawkInLight’s YouTube channel shines a different light on the potential uses of superhydrophobic coatings, adding more of a fun element by creating a labyrinth for water droplets!

In the video below, the creator, Ben Cusick, firstly gives a quick run through of the labyrinth game being played, with the water droplets mesmerisingly flowing across the surface and then quite satisfyingly flowing through the holes that are placed as traps. Ben then gives a run through of how he made the labyrinth by using a superhydrophobic spray to cover all of the surfaces to ensure that the water droplets are essentially ‘repelled’ by the labyrinth, allowing it to freely flow around the course.

While the video doesn’t show us hydrophobic coatings being used for their usual requirements, it does help to highlight how the coatings work in general, whilst also providing a fun alternative use!

What is NightHawkInLight?

NightHawkInLight is a YouTube channel set up by 29 year old Ben Cusick, from Michigan, who creates a variety of fantastic videos based on his inventions, science experiments and tutorials. With almost 1.5m subscribers to the channel, his videos are extremely popular with some having millions of views – the most popular being ‘How To Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell’, check out their channel here.

15:09 on 2019-02-18