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Keeping Our Clients Sweet With Non-Stick Coatings


Here at Product Release, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service in all sectors, and every individual job we work on.

Whether it’s providing Xylan coatings for parts on A350s, or keeping factory lines moving in the automotive industry…

We strive to keep our clients happy, so they KEEP coming back.

And fittingly, I was contacted by one of them last week, which illustrates just that.

First a little background information.

As you might know, one of the industries we operate in regularly is the food sector. And with this, the obvious use case of non-stick coating’s or Teflon that usually comes to mind is in large scale bakeries.

However, it’s not always the case…

This week the job in question was for Marshmellow Mould’s.

Every Job Requires A Specific Coating To Fit The Need

In the case of marshmallows, as the product has an extremely high sugar content, the mould’s have to be coated with a high release formula to stop any “sticking”.

(And in case any of you in the industry were wondering, we used our “PR620HB Black Sparkle coating”)

The Mould In Question…

And apart from the impressive name, we feel this lastest job goes to highlight a few things at Product Release.

#1 When We Do A Job, We Do It Right.

We previously worked on the exact same mould’s over 5 years ago and only now have they come back for recoating. This reflects both our processes and high quality of materials we use will last for years, even after continuous use. 

#2 Our Strong Lasting Relationships With Our Clients.

They’re always happy to come back to us as they know they’ll get the most out of their initial investment at Product Release.

#3 We Can Cater For (Almost) Any Job Asked Of Us, No Matter How Bespoke.

We’ll do our utmost to find a solution that will fit precisely what you’re looking for to complete the task in hand. And if for some reason we can’t fulfill your request. (Which rarely happens) We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to a company who can.  

The bottom line…

We’re very proud of all the team here at Product Release, and we hope this reflects in the service we provide and keeps tour valued clients coming back year after year.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

23:25 on 2019-08-18