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The Industries Using Non-Stick Coatings


While non-stick coatings are most commonly known for being used within the baking industry, their ability to increase the release properties of other materials, and therefore preventing sticking to a product’s surface, means that the coatings are regularly utilised across a wide range of other industries. With the requirements for each industry being vastly different, there are numerous different coatings available, though most have similar properties when it comes to their non-stick quality.

We’ve taken a look at some of the key industries, other than baking, where non-stick coatings play a vital part in either the production process or the end product.

Aerospace:  Non-stick coatings are one area where improvements can be implemented to reduce costs, increase safety and improve performance of aircraft. As shown in our previous infographic, which highlights how non-stick coatings are used within the aerospace industry, different applications are utilised to reduce in-flight drag, prevent the build up of ice on the outer surfaces, provide a more durable surface for spacecraft and even make toilets on aeroplanes more hygienic.

As well as the above, the application of PTFE coatings enhances air control surfaces for weapon guidance systems and also hold an important role in engine management systems and fuel systems, both inline and refuelling. The coatings are particularly beneficial for aircraft purposes due to their high levels of salt spray resistance.

Medical:syringe non stick coating The medical industry also makes use of non-stick coatings in a number of different ways, with a lot of the focus being on utilising the applications to improve the safety and/or hygiene of equipment that comes in direct contact with patients.

The coatings have been particularly useful with syringes and implantable instruments, such as orthopaedic and respiratory devices. Due to the coating’s ease of insertion and low friction qualities, it means that there is much less discomfort for patients during these procedures.

A non-stick coating is also implemented on wound dressing rolls to prevent the adhesive sticking to the roll, as well as on surgical equipment and parts of medical devices and machinery to help keep them sterile. You can find out more about the use of non-stick coatings in the medical industry in another one of our infographics.

marine non-stick coatingsMarine: Due to the increased durability and protection from harsh environments that non-stick coatings can provide, they can play an extremely important role within the marine industry. At a base level, they are implemented enhance the protection of components against the elements both above and below the waterline.

With the correct coating application in place on the hull of a boat, as well as on any engineering parts, the surfaces and equipment become much less susceptible to rust, corrosion or damage. We also previously reported on another use within the marine industry, reducing the problem of biofouling, which costs billions of pounds per year to deal with. By applying a specific coating to the outer surfaces of marine vessels, mussels and other animals, algae and marine life can be prevented from sticking to the surface.

Food: Non stick coatings have come in handy in many areas of the food industry. The purpose of the coatings is usually to prevent the food products from sticking to machinery, tools and equipment and therefore, improve the flow of the processing or packaging procedures.

Due to these coatings coming into contact with food items, a food grade coating must be used to ensure that no contamination occurs. With the right coating in place, the build up of ingredients on machinery is prevented or greatly reduced and this leads to less downtime, less product wastage and increased productivity during the production process.

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