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Improve Performance of Printing & Packaging Equipment with Non-Stick Coatings


The first thing that comes to peoples mind when thinking about non-stick is usually to do with baking and cookware due to the popularity of non-stick pans and other kitchen utensils. However, as we’ve previously highlighted across some of our other articles, non-stick coatings are utilised in numerous industries to provide a wide range of solutions to businesses.

While many of the uses are still related to the quick release properties of the coatings, the fact that they can also possess excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and low permeation, high corrosion resistance means they can be put to use to provide much more than just a non-stick solution.

Non-Stick Coating In The Printing Industry

In terms of commercial printing, applying the right coating solution to equipment can have a number of benefits. The most notable factor is that it becomes much easier and quicker to clean ink from machinery and equipment.

This means that items such as ink trays, ink pans, return trays and drip trays have much less downtime for cleaning, which helps to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of printing.  ensures that when it comes to cleaning the tray or pan, the cleaning time is substantially smaller compared to equipment that is uncoated. You can find details of some of the other benefits to the printing industry in our previous post – Usage of Non-Stick Coatings in The Printing Industry

Non-Stick Coating In The Packaging Industry

Within the packaging industry, non-stick solutions have a wide range of uses that can help to ensure the smooth operation of machinery and production, as well as improving the product for the end user.

A key usage relates to the heat seal tool that is often used as a vital part of the process to seal the packaging with a thermoplastic. As the tool is used to create the seal with plastic, if the right coating isn’t applied to it, there can be problems with plastic film sticking to the surfaces, meaning there is an increased need for cleaning and potential downtime.

As well as preventing build up on the heat seal, other equipment can benefit from being coated as well;

  • improve the performance of rollers by preventing materials/adhesives from sticking to them.
  • improve the release of products from moulds, which can have a big impact on ensuring there is minimal delays and/or downtime.
  • give a general reduction in friction between machinery parts, which will prevent

All of the above can have a major positive impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of a packaging company’s processes, meaning that there can be ongoing cost savings made, as well as increased product output.

We’re able to develop bespoke solutions, tailored to meet your exact needs, so if you would like more information on the coating solutions Product Release can provide your packaging or printing business, then please get in touch via +44 151 549 1491 or ian.gates@product-release.com.

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