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How Non-Stick Coatings Are Helping The Confectionary Industry Out Of A Sticky Situation…


Chocolate & Sweets are a couple of things that could make adults and children mouths water, alike

You see, people’s love for chocolate and sweets goes way back thousands of years with the ancient Egyptians being said to make the first ‘sweets’ and were used in god worshipping ceremonies by taking honey and adding nuts, figs, and spices.

And chocolate…

From the ancient tribes in now modern Mexico who were first believed to have created this delicious treat. 

So, it’s no wonder then that this sweet taste got ingrained in our tongues as we became more civilized. And there’s no reason why people should give up that love now, right? 

And you’d think the confectionery business should be blooming as much as before. But as we see in the UK market, that’s not the case. 

So, what are the challenges confectioners in the UK face standing in the 21st century and how can non-stick coatings help solve them? Read on to know more.

The UK Confectionery Market

According to a research report by IBIS World, the chocolate and confectionery market size of the UK stood at $3.5 bn in 2021. Even though that’s an impressive number, the market has declined by 7% from the previous year.

One reason behind this slump is the pandemic that hit the world in 2020 and as a result, people became more health-conscious as people stayed indoors, demand began to fall. 

This demand may be slowly getting back up but the industry still faces challenges. Now, more than ever, the confectioneries need strategies that will help them improve production without significantly increasing the costs.

Keeping Production Moving…

Confectioneries in the UK understand that there is an urgency improve efficiency with their equipment.

One such piece of equipment is the cooling roller. It is used to cool and shape chocolates and hence, is an often used and crucial equipment in a chocolate maker’s world. 

A recent client approached us asking for their cooling roller to be clean and refurbished with one of our non-stick coatings to keep performing to optimum efficiency during the production process.


Benefits of Non-Stick Coated Equipment

The benefits that the customer saw from the coated roller were instant and impactful. Here are some of the advantages they experienced when using non-stick-coated equipment for their confectionery.

Improved Release Qualities & Efficiency

With new non-stick coating, the finished products are quickly released, the next batch is all ready to be processed on the same equipment without stopping. The production line continues to move quickly and efficiently.

Less Wastage

No parts of the confectionary stick to the surface of the equipment because of its non-stick coating. This means that wastage of raw materials, as well as finished goods, is greatly reduced. And this translates to significant cost savings for the confectionery.

Cleaning & Long Life of Equipment

Cleaning may use chemicals to get them out. These chemicals can potentially damage the equipment and shorten its life span. 

But with non-stick coating, cleaning is effortless and requires fewer chemicals. This, in turn, helps the confectionery equipment last longer and reduces cleaning time.


More people are gradually becoming health-conscious in the current decade and but the demand for those with a sweet tooth will never disappear.

It’s up to the confectioneries to keep up to the demands and make their production lines as efficient as possible and that’s where non-stick coated equipment would play a vital role in the future.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help you with your confectionary & food production needs, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

08:01 on 2021-10-28