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How Are Different Coatings Used On A Car?


We’ve previously highlighted how non stick coatings can benefit the automotive industry during the manufacturing and production process, but coatings can also be utilised in a variety of ways to improve the car for the end-user and we’ve taken a look at some of them below.

Paintwork – a nano coating that combines both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties applied to the painted surfaces of a car can provide a number of benefits to both the aesthetics and the durability of the bodywork. While it can give paint a greater level of gloss and help to keep the car cleaner by preventing dirt from sticking, it can create a harder surface, which can reduce the chances of scratches and corrosion.

Seats – aimed at driver’s who like the great outdoors or who have children, cars such as the Infiniti QX80 have implemented soil resistant seats, which help to prevent the upholstery being soiled and/or ruined by muddy shoes by using a hydrophilic coating to make it more difficult for dirt to stick to the material.

Windows – making use of a similar polymer coating as is used for paintwork, the combined hydrophilic and hydrophobic effects bring major improvements car usage in adverse weather conditions. While the coating repels rainwater to help keep the it off the surface of the windscreen, it also prevents the build up of condensation by absorbing surrounding moisture, meaning windows don’t get steamed up. An added benefit of this is that it can also make it more difficult for ice to build up, which could be a major positive on frosty winter mornings.

Underbody – With the underbody of a car containing key working components that are exposed to the often harsh conditions, preventing rust and corrosion to these parts can have a major impact on the longevity of the vehicle and prevention of costly repairs. New cars will now often have the underbody coated with a thicker protective layer that not only helps protect from rust but also from chips and scratches from anything that bounces up off the road.

With the correct coatings applied to a vehicle, it can make a car safer to drive, more durable and less likely to require repairs, as well as this, coatings used within the production process can have benefits to manufacturers


16:03 on 2017-11-30