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What Is Grit Blasting?


Often one of the most important stages of our coating process is the preparation of the surface for its new coating solution, which is where our grit blasting facility comes into play.

What is grit blasting?

As the name suggests, grit blasting is the process of firing an abrasive material against a surface under high pressure through a nozzle. This will be to either strip any previous coating back to the base material and/or to prepare the surface for the new coating, as well as removing any surface contamination.

There are many different types of blasting that can be performed, such as wet abrasive blasting, hydro blasting, sand blasting, shot blasting, bead blasting and even dry ice blasting. While they all differ slightly in the exact ways they are used, they essentially perform the same task to clean or prepare the surface of an object.

How does grit blasting work for non stick coatings?

Pre grit blast

By the very nature of non stick coatings, they will not directly stick to the surface of materials without sufficient surface preparation, so grit blasting enables the coating solution to be effectively applied.

Once a piece of equipment has been grit blasted, it creates a rougher texture on the surface, which is what then allows the coating solution to be utilised.

The primer layer of the non stick coating is applied to the surface and fills up any gaps in the surface, essentially

Post grit blast

becoming stuck in the abrasions caused by the grit blasting. The surface will then be baked, before another layer of the non stick solution is applied which bonds with the fluoropolymer, creating a non stick surface that becomes ‘stuck’ to the equipment due to the initial sand blasting work.

How do Product Release carry out grit blasting?

Here at Product Release we use an engineered abrasive, called aluminium oxide, to carry out our blasting. Due to the potential dangers associated with the high pressured blasting, our operators wear special suits with visored helmets that protect them from burns and hazardous dusts, while also wearing protective ear wear to protect their hearing.

All of this usually takes place within our in-house blast facility, which not only provides additional safety measures for the Product Release team, but also helps to contain the dust and any other debris that is generated during the process.

Once the blasting has been completed, we can then focus on applying the non stick coating solution usually one of either PTFE, FEP or PFA.

If you would like any more information on the grit blasting or non-stick coating services that Product Release can provide for your business, then get in touch with a member of our technical team, who can discuss your requirements.


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