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Case Study: Product Release ‘Faces Up’ To A 24 Hour Coating Turnaround


Last month we were contacted by one of the most well-established engineering companies in the northwest because they’d hit upon a problem.

The release coating on one of their customer’s moulds was not performing as it was meant to and it was severely impacting production.

And because this was one of their client’s fast-moving products, they needed a solution, with a turnaround time that would make your head spin.

However, as we never shy away from a challenge, we were glad to help.

Love them or hate them…

Love them or hate them, face masks have become a normal sight whenever we step outside our front door.

Now, although everyone on the street has different opinions of their effectiveness, nonetheless it’s a product where demand could skyrocket anytime in the future.

Our Clients Problem

We were contacted as one of our client’s customers was not happy with the performance of their current aluminium moulds.

Their previous supplier had coated them with a release non-stick coating that was not lasting the distance and stopped being effective a lot sooner than they expected.

And this ‘lack of release’ and reduced life expectancy of the coating was causing big issues during production.

Female Mould Before
  • Slowed production from masks not being released as fast.  
  • Increased downtime of the production line for cleaning and problem-solving.

Not to mention…

  • Giving the production team a bunch of headaches that they just didn’t need.

In short, time and money were being lost and they needed a solution fast!

(In just 24 hours, in fact)

Male Mould Before

So, after a quick call, and consulting with another one of our in-house experts about our client’s customers’ production obstacles we knew we had the right non-stick coating for the job…

One of our popular two-coat fluoropolymer systems:


Consisting of a pigmented primer and high release fluoropolymer topcoat, designed to impart maximum non-stick properties to the moulds and provide optimized release qualities, to allow easy release of the melt-blown polypropylene face masks.

The Clock Was Ticking…

Now, although we now had the right coating for the job, the biggest challenge was the turnaround time of just 24 hours. 

However, this is where Product Release stands apart from the competitors…

We pride ourselves on doing the best for our customers and going above and beyond expectations. 

And 9 times out of ten we do just that.

We picked up the client’s moulds that day, and within a few hours, they’d been recoated in our Liverpool facility.

Once the job had been completed the newly recoated aluminium moulds were on a truck and being whisked back to the client, all within the 24-hour deadline. 

Job done.

The Result…

We are pleased to say the client was happy as production for their customer was resumed with minimal disruption and lost revenue.

Female Mould After
Male Mould After

Can We Help?

Although it was facemasks this time, at Product Release we deliver proven solutions for your nonstick needs, resulting in less downtime, higher throughput, more efficient manufacturing processes, and cost savings across your particular industry.

Although we’re highly adaptable and can take on your bespoke projects, we’re also specialists in several industries, including:

  • Bakery & Food Production-
  • Oil & Gas
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical

If you have a project you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to email paul.storer@product-release.com contact Paul 07384147859 directly for a chat to see how we can help.

09:39 on 2022-02-02