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Is Bread the Most Wasted Food?


A study has found that 25% of consumers do not finish their bread before it goes off, making it the most wasted food.

Research performed by Opinium has revealed the foods that are wasted the most by consumers, with bread topping the list. A quarter of the people who took the study said that they wasted bread products.

The survey was undertaken by 2,000 people and found that the other highly wasted products were salad, 22% of people said they wasted it, while 9% admitted to throwing away milk. 42% told the survey that their shopping goes uneaten because they forget to use items in time, while 32% complained that portion sizes were too large.

Director of the Federation of Bakers, Gordon Polson, said “Bread is a staple product and we all want to have bread in the house. The greater availability of sizes of loaf, with much more bread available in smaller sizes, such as 400g, and smaller loaves with full-size slices, also helps smaller households and gives larger households the option to purchase a variety of different bread.

“The advantage of sliced and wrapped bread is that the packaging is designed to help keep the bread fresh if the instructions on-pack are followed. There is also guidance on storage and freezing. So I think clear guidance on storage and freezing will help reduce the wastage.”

The study produced by Opinium Research also found that 26% believe it is the supermarket’s duty to reduce food waste in the UK. Estimates suggest that British homes throw away 4.4 million tonnes of still edible food a year.

WRAP, an anti-waste organisation has done research that suggest 680,000 tonnes of avoidable bakery products are wasted each year costing £1.1 billion. 80% of the waste coming from bread products are opened but go unfinished.

Emma Marsh the head of Love Food Hate Waste, WRAP’s consumer food waste prevention campaign put a scale on the sheer amount of Britain’s bread waste. “Every day in UK homes we throw away the equivalent of approximately 24 million whole slices of bread. Bread is one of the most wasted food types in the UK. This is for a number of reasons: it is a staple food that we all have in, we often don’t store it correctly and are unable to use it in time.”

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10:51 on 2015-03-16