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Billions Of Buns, Bagettes, and Breads


In 2019, The Baking market is by far one of the largest markets in the food industry, and keeping it running smoothly is no easy task.

Take the UK for example…

Made up of the sectors Large Plant Bakeries, In-Store Bakeries, and Craft Bakers it is worth a whopping €3.6 billion a year alone.

And the volume…

This equates to just under 4 billion units being cranked out every 12 months, which to put into perspective is around 11 million loaves sold EVERY single day.

Whichever Way You Slice It…That’s A Lot Of Dough

The machines used in this process need to be in tip-top condition as it would be extremely difficult to produce these products in such high numbers and in the quality the public demand, by hand alone.

In fact, to produce the perfect loaf, for example, your measurements of flour, yeast, salt, and of course the amount of dough must be spot on.

And to get that exact right amount of dough, every time, commercial bakeries use something called a Divider hopper.

The divider hopper sits on top of the actual dough divider so that the dough falls by gravity into the section, which cuts it into the right size for the loaf being baked.

If this process was performed by eye alone then the amount of wastage produced, would, (like bread in the oven) “rise”.

As these hoppers are in continuous use, after a period of time, the “non-stick” coating applied to make sure the dough slips through effortlessly will eventually need some attention.

The Hopper Was In Dire Need Of Attention

This Is Where Product Release Comes In…

Last week we had such a job come in for well known commercial bakers.

  • The first stage of the process was to burn off the existing coating down to its base material.
Grit Blasted & Prepped
  • Next, our expert staff prepared the surface with grit blasting to create microscopic cracks and holes, so when the new non-stick coating treatment would easily “bond”.
  • To finish, a total of 4 coats of custom PR235HB Green Sparkle was applied to the hopper. After drying and the final checks with quality control the finished product was returned to the happy customer.
Finished Hopper

And I’m sure we’ll see that exact same piece of equipment when the time comes for its next refurbishment in several years time.

Now, the baking industry is just one of the many sectors Product Release work in.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

10:12 on 2019-09-24