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Benefits Of Non-Stick Coating


Bringing non-stick technology into your business might be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

As you can tell, we’re a big embassador of non-stick technology. Not only can it save businesses a lot of money when refurbishing equipment, but it can also save time cleaning overall!

Here at Product Release, we apply non-stick Coatings to appliances from a variety of different sectors including Bakery, Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Food Production, Industrial, and Print & Packaging.

Here are a few of the reasons why we think that you will love non-stick coatings;


starsEasy Clean  Because substances don’t stick to the coating, it allows the appliance to be cleaned easily. Saving you, or your employees time and money in cleaning costs.



Long Life – Out coating acts as a layer of protection as well, so you will find yourself not having to replace your equipment as often as you normally would.



tint-dropRepellant – Our non-stick coating will make your equipment repellent to both water and oils.



fireDurable – Our coating will continue to operate at temperatures as high as 260°C and allow your appliances to withstand temperatures as low as -270°C



 – The coatings are solvent free, meaning that the coating will not damage or interfere with your products in any way.


We can apply the non-stick coating to a large range of components such as aluminium, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, and magnesium, as well as non-metallic surfaces such as fibreglass, plastics, glass, and some rubber materials.

Our non-stick coating is guaranteed to give your equipment a quality release property.

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