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Alternative Uses Of PTFE


PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene, is one of our most commonly used industrial coating solutions and has a number of properties which make it an ideal option for these purposes. However, there are various other uses of PTFE to provide a workable solution to problems faced within both industry and households – we’ve taken a look at a small selection below.

Thread Seal/Plumber’s TapePTFE thread sealant tape

PTFE tape is more commonly known as either thread seal tape or plumber’s tape and, as the name suggests, it’s primarily used by plumbers to help seal the thread on pipes when making connections with a screwed threaded joint.

What makes PTFE a good option to use in these circumstances?

There are two main reasons PTFE tape is utilised for plumbing joints – to reduce the chance of leaks occurring and to provide a better lubrication for the thread of the joint.

When PTFE tape is applied to a joint, the tape helps to form a much tighter seal on the thread and it is this that helps to prevent any leaks occurring from the joint. As well as this, the fact the PTFE is hydrophobic, means it also repels water, which can give an added benefit to stop water getting through the seal.

Also, due to the fact that PTFE has an extremely low friction coefficient, it means that the surface friction on the joint is greatly lowered. This not only makes it easier to screw the joint as tightly as possible, which also helps prevent leaks, but it makes it a much simpler task to unscrew the joint further down the line if required.

Lubricant Spray, Gel & Oil

PTFE LubricantThere are a wide variety of sprays, gels and oils available to buy, both for the public and for industrial purposes, which utilise PTFE to provide lubrication to surfaces and joints. As mentioned above, the low surface friction that PTFE provides makes it a perfect solution when working with door/window hinges, chains, power tools and locks to reduce sticking and improve performance.

What other benefits does PTFE lubricant give?

As well as providing lower levels of friction to the applied surface, PTFE lubricants can also give various other benefits;

  • Protects against corrosion – once the lubricant is applied, it creates a coating on the surface that can help to prevent the degradation of equipment and parts by protecting it from moisture. The fact that it provides less friction also reduces the general wear and tear of any parts the PTFE is applied to.
  • Doesn’t change colour of surface – with the right choice of lubricant, the PTFE application can dry clear, which means that there is no alteration to how the surface it is applied to looks.
  • Reduces dirt and dust build up – due to the non-stick properties of the PTFE, applying the right lubricant can also help to prevent equipment and surfaces becoming dirty and/or clogged up with dust

Carpet ProtectionPTFE carpet protection

As one of the main areas of a household that will show wear and tear, as well as accumulating stains and dirt, PTFE can provide additional protection to carpets, in the form of a spray, to help them last much longer and retain their condition.

How does PTFE help with carpets?

In a similar way to the uses named above and with our industrial coatings, the PTFE carpet spray forms a protective layer over the surface of the carpet, which actually protects each individual carpet strand. Due to the hydrophobic properties of PTFE, once the carpet protection spray is used, the majority of liquids will not soak into the carpet fibres, allowing any spillages to be cleaned before a stain sets in. The spray also makes carpets more durable due to its hard wearing nature, meaning they will look less worn over time than a carpet without any protection in place.

In addition to the three applications detailed above, PTFE is also used in a wide range of other areas, with the protective properties it holds providing multiple benefits.

If you would like to know more about how Product Release could help your industry, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can discuss your problem and recommend an innovative solution that will not only help you now but will minimise future damage or repairs, giving you peace of mind.

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