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Product Release At The Advanced Engineerings Exhibition 30th – 31st October


For those in ‘The Know’ in our industry, there is only one place to be this week…

The Advanced Engineering Exhibition, at the NEC in Birmingham.

Now seeing as at Product Release, we’ve always aimed to be at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in the coating industry in a number of verticals such as automotive, aerospace and medical to name a few.

So it goes without saying we’ll be there in the thick of it.

Not only to showcase the extensive research and development carried out by our world-class team but also to see what other pioneers in the industry are up to keep abreast of the latest technology.

And in Europe, by far one of the best places to do this is at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition 2019.

No Small Affair

Advanced Engineering is the UK’s largest annual Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing event.

Now, in its 11th year, the show has grown where it can now boast the attendance of some 15,000 engineering professionals over this 2-day trade show.

No Small Affair

With so many cutting edge innovations in the last year, it’s the perfect way for leaders in the industry to come together and discuss, share knowledge and take a peek behind the curtain of what we can expect coming in the next 12 months across all industries.

Whether it be supply chain business and technology transfer across aerospace, automotive, medical technology, energy, and indeed any sector that involves high-value manufacturing, R & D and innovation events that shape the Advanced Engineering industry.

The show is split over 7 zones including:

  • Aero Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Composite Engineering
  • Performance Metals
  • Connected Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering

So, it goes without being said there’ll be something for everyone.

At Product Release, we are particularly excited as this year, Advanced Engineering launches a brand new show zone for 2019 in the form of Medical Device Engineering.

This focuses on the engineering requirements of current and future medical/biomedical devices & components and its sure to draw attention to the rising global spending in this market in the next few years.

So if you are attending the Advanced Engineering Exhibition this week on the 30th-31st Oct at the NEC in Birmingham, don’t be shy and say hello.

12:00 on 2019-10-27