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2 Ways To Protect Your Car From Birdie Bombs


Buying a new car is probably one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. Trailing only behind buying a house or splashing out on a wedding.

Now, it’s only natural that after your bank balance taking such a dent you’d want to keep it looking its best and maintain its showroom ‘New Car’ look for as long as possible.

However, what happens when it rolls off the forecourt?

As most of us don’t have a spotless modern showroom or even garage to store our prized possession. Chances are we’ll have to leave it outside at the mercy of the elements, sticky tree sap and a dreaded attack from above in the form of…

Birdie bombs

Now, the reason why ‘Birdie Bombs’ are so feared by car owners is because they contain Uric Acid. This is a chemical which is so corrosive it can eat through a coating of wax or paint sealant and quickly begin to etch and destroy the surface underneath.

So how can we protect our paint from these aerial attacks?

Teflon Coating

PTFE (Teflon) Coating, also known as anti rust coating is a modern use of the versatile chemical PTFE which when applied to the surface of a car it protects the automobiles painted finish and offers an extended brilliant shine.

This treatment not only protects your vehicle from corrosion and also any damage caused by high and low temperatures over the year.

Resulting in keeping a showroom finish for a longer period of time.

Teflon Process on Cars

  1. Washing – Firstly, all dirt and dust particles must be removed from the car surface using a mild shampoo. This will ensure there will be no imperfections once the Teflon coating is applied.
  2. Polishing – To guarantee your car will look its best, next, all its painted surfaces are treated to a polish to bring out it’s maximum possible shine. This is especially noticeable with older cars where their paint has been dulled with time.
  3. Teflon Coating – This is the final stage of the process and by far the most labour intensive. Once the pungent liquid is applied to the paint and left to dry for a few minutes, the smell will disappear and the Teflon will bond to the surface leaving a transparent, protective coating over the car paint. All that’s left is to do is to give it one last polish with a soft cloth and to free it from any residue.

Now, apart from Teflon Coating to protect your car from being a target for birds. There is one other factor you might consider.

The colour.

As, according to a survey by a UK car accessories company, Halfords. The researchers recorded bird releases on 1140 cars, in 5 UK cities and the results found red colored cars were the biggest target by 18%.

Followed by 14% of blue cars, 11% black and 7 % white.

And the least targeted?


09:20 on 2019-05-20