Silicone Elastomer Coatings

Silicone elastomer coatings are formulated from reactive, straight chained molecules. Agent and mineral fillers are added to impart the desired properties (release, tear strength, and elasticity).

Silicone elastomer is most often used with high-sugar content products or deep-pan tins/trays, but there are a wide range of other uses;

– reduces build-up on heater bars, resulting in increased heat transmission/sealing speed and subsequent reduction in cleaning time and packaging discolouration.
– facilitates the release of frozen vegetables and fruits from trays and freezer filling spouts.
– reduces adhesion of dried foods to drying trays and large cheese wheels to storage shelves.
– prevents adhesion of grease, making cleaning stainless fixtures and counter tops easier.
– prevents glasses from sticking to cooling cones of glass frosting equipment.
– helps sugar release from processing and packaging equipment such as rollers, dispenser chutes, conveyers.
– releases pressure sensitive adhesives/glues on high speed production lines improving throughput and quality.

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