Silicone Glaze

The SILBIONE RESINS is a polymethylphenyl-siloxane resins. Resin silicone is also better know as Silicone Hard because of the hard surface in direct comparison with silicone rubber coatings.
Silicone resin is often used together with some kind of release agent in food production.
The SILBIONE RESINS are used as release coatings for materials that will be in contact with foodstuff.
The products obtained after crosslinking and curing contain only substances permitted by the regulations currently in force in the following countries:
• France: Journal Officiel: brochure N°1227.
• Germany: Bundesgesundheitsamt recommendations. BGVV chapter XV A on
• USA: FDA regulations found in paragraphs 175.300 « Resinous and polymeric coatings » and 177.2600 « Rubber articles intended for repeated use ».
Advantages of Silicone Resin Glaze
Silicon resin has the some of the following advantages:
• Excellent heat stability.
• Good ageing resistance (by oxygen, ozone, water and light).
• Good release properties.
• Chemically inert.

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