Teflon® & Xylan Fluoropolymer Coatings

DuPont Teflon® industrial coatings have become an indispensable material for engineers in the chemical processing industry, thanks to these unique properties:
◦Excellent chemical resistance
◦High temperature resistance
◦Low permeation High corrosion resistance
Teflon® fluoropolymer coatings are essentially chemically inert. Within the range of its temperature resistance (-270°C/-454°F to + 290°C/+550°F), only very few chemicals are known to chemically react with Teflon®. Unlike the limitations of metals which are normally chemical in nature, the limitations of Teflon coatings are physical in nature.

Fluoropolymer resin (FEP and PTFE) coating offers exceptional non-stick and low friction properties, even at elevated temperatures (up to 260 degrees centigrade). Being inert, in a pore-free film they possess excellent chemical/corrosion resistance and also can provide electrical insulation. These inherent properties mean they are the desired coating for a host of applications.
Friction coefficient µ=F/L
PTFE Coating = 0,05
FEP Coating = 0,10
PR100 series, PR200 series and PR600 series coating fall within this range.

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