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As one of Europe’s leading coating applicators, Product Release prides itself on providing a wide range of options when it comes to finding the right coating system for your specific needs. From Teflon® & Fluoropolymer coatings, to Silicone based coatings, as well as a variety of non stick textiles, we can provide your business with the ideal solution.

For more information on any of the specific coating systems we have available, check out the individual pages below, or take a look at our Sectors pages for details on the industries we typically work with.

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Our Coating Specialities

Property Comparison

Non-Stick Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair
Heat Resist 260° + 200° 260° 150°
Hardness 60D 55D 60D+ 75D
Salt Spray Fair Excellent Excellent Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Fair Good Very Good Excellent