Non Stick Coating FAQ’s

1)   How long will the coating on my bakeware last?

Due to the variation from one bakery to another and the wide variety of products being baked it is impossible to be definitive about this, but in our experience you can use the following as a guide:
Morning goods indented pans baking white buns: 3000 releases
Bread pans baking white bread: 2000 releases

So in a plant bakery this could represent 9-12 months lifespan and in a craft bakery 3-4 years.

2)  How do I clean my bakeware?

Ideally any product residue should be removed with a clean, dry cloth, however items coated with fluoropolymers can be washed with a solution of non aggressive neutral detergents at temperatures below 80°C, taking care to dry carefully without damaging the coating.  Do not use metal scrapers or scourers ,etc.

3)  Do I need to use additional release agents on my Teflon(tm) coated bakeware?

Generally if you are baking bread or morning goods there is no need for additional release agents, however when baking products with high sugar contents such as cakes, etc  an additional release agent will be needed (and probably an in-line cleaning system too).

4)  How can I identify how many times my bakeware has been used?

At present we provide a colour coding system to enable customers to record when items where recoated, however this only gives you information on how long an item may have been in the bakery. We are currently developing a system to give you actual real time information on every individual item of bakeware you use. Watch this space!!

5)  Can the coating be applied at the customer facility?

The coating systems we apply are generally processed at temperatures of 400°C at which point the fluoropolymer “flows” to form the finished film. As such these coatings can only be applied at our facilities in the UK, Denmark and China.

6)  Can the coating be supplied in a can for customer application?

No, these coatings have to be cured at 400°C.

7)  How long does it take to coat my items?

Generally if we are coating one-off items we can turn them around in 2-3 days. For those items you cannot do without we can process in 36 hours. For items where the customer sends in large batches of say, 1000 pieces our normal turnaround is 2-3 weeks.

8)  How do I get my items to you?

We use local hauliers to collect and return your items on a palletised basis.

9)  How do you select a coating?

Based on over 30 years of experience in applying our PR System coating and information provided by the customer we carefully select the right coating for the right application.

10)  What temperature can your coatings withstand?

Fluoropolymer systems can be used up to 260°C continuous, 290°C intermittent. Silicone systems can be used up to 220°C continuous.

11)  How thick are the coatings applied?

This really depends on the job the coating has to do. It can range from as little as 3 microns to 600 microns.

12)  Can you recoat my items?

As long as the substrate is in a good condition we can remove the old coating and any product build up and re-apply a new PR System. This is often much cheaper than buying a completely new item.

13)  What is the minimum/maximum quantity of items you coat?

This can be as few as 1 item if you are talking about a hopper or roller, etc and as many as 5000 for smaller high volume items.

14)  How can I try your coating?

Depending on the particular item to be coated we do offer a free sample service, however please contact our technical department for further advice.