Chemical Resistant Coatings

Working with the latest generation fluorolymers Product Release have developed coating systems that provide the superior chemical resistance to even the most aggressive chemicals in the most aggressive environments. Systems in include Halar (ECTFE) and PFA, which can be applied as pore-free coatings at high film build for optimum protection. From small parts to big parts we have the know-how. Some of the PR System coatings excel in applications requiring chemical/corrosion resistance.

Below are test results conducted at room temperature: Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 17.08.16

Below is an example showing a valve which arrived in a natural finish and was then coated with 300 microns of Halar, giving superb chemical resistant properties;


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Outstanding Properties of Chemical Resistant Coatings

Chemical Resistant Coatings from Product Release Europe withstand a wide range of chemicals like:

◦Strong minerals acids
◦Salt solutions
◦Organic acids
◦High carbohydrate materials

The increased chemical resistance reduces both the “attack” from the fluids (including solid matter) and gases and also eliminates the chance of corrosion and sticking.

This, by definition, gives increased uptime, increased throughput and improved products purity and quality.

Abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction for easy cycling and good performance at high temperatures plus superb chemical resistance to aggressive fluids make chemical resistant coatings from PRE ideal for use with fluid-tanks, glue-tanks etc.

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