Product Release Europe supplies Industrial Bakeware in natural finish or with one of our superb PR System non-stick coatings for use in plant and craft bakeries.

Constant research and development, combined with close interactions with customers and suppliers has resulted in several different non-stick coating systems tailored to solve specific sticking or friction problems.

By the application of PR System non-stick coatings that are both durable and abrasion resistant, manual or automatic hot water cleaning of your bakery equipment can be carried out as a regular procedure to ensure the best hygiene.


– Bread pans
– Morning goods trays
– Mixing bowls
– Dough chutes
– Moulders
– Hoppers
– Embossing Rollers
– Blades and Cutters
– Oven Panels
– Bakery Racks
– Die Plates
– Conveyors

Bakery plants need to address both price planning and price execution processes to ensure profitable decisions for the many different products they produce every day. The PR Non-Stick Coating Systems we apply will reduce wastage, increase yield, improve on quality (no carbon build up) and reduce costs.

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