As can be expected in Automotive production facilities there are many areas during application of the paint finish where the use of the use of non-stick coatings can solve problems. Traditionally items on which paint build up occurs need to be periodically sent out to be cleaned by third partly contractors, this is time consuming, costly and environmentally unfriendly.

Product Release has developed a range of  coatings to enable the onsite cleaning providers to be able to clean all items either in situ or on site – a major advancement.

This facilitates the ability to clean between shift patterns, actually reduces the cleaning time dramatically and eliminates the need to transport off site.

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Some of the examples of work we have carried out can be seen in the below before and after images;

Paint jig before & after

PaintJigBefore    PaintJigAfter


  Rolling road rollers                                                 Spray booth floor gratings

SprayBoothFloorAfter P1010460


Extraction fan from automotive paint booth coated with Xylan

Paint booth extractor fan

Paint booth extractor fan