Even better bakeware…

At our Product Release site in Turkey, in addition to the industrial coatings we supply to our clients we also manufacture custom baking trays which are tailored specifically to the customer requirements.  

Custom bakeware tray manufacturing requires highly flexible manufacturing environment with custom tooling capabilities to serve the needs of clients. 

This manufacturing process used to be outsourced but through the improvement and purchase of new equipment, we have brought majority of this work back in house. This has improved our production capabilities, decreased costs, allowed us to provide quicker turnaround times whilst also giving us better control over the quality of our custom products.  

To enhance our production line further, a new CNC milling machine was purchased and is already proving beneficial and increasing our outputs. This new machine is used to produce a variety of tools for the pressing of bakeware trays from steel blocks to the required specifications of the customer. It has allowed us to expand our product range as it enables us to create the necessary tools for shaping deep drawn bread tins.  

The machine was selected by a team of experienced members who know our processes well enabling them to choose the best machine for the job.  

The tooling department staff were giving full training on use of the machine so they can achieve the best production performance.  The purchase of this machine is part of larger plans to increase the onsite equipment to improve our production capabilities. We will continue to invest in our tooling department to improve the capability and the capacity of our company.