Moulding the future of non stick coatings…

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IMG 8938 IMG 8939 IMG 8944 IMG 8943 IMG 8941

We were recently approached by a leading bakery company for a refurbishment project of their conicla moulder machine used for dough preparation.  

Firstly, the dough passes through a divider hopper that cuts the dough to the desired size before being shaped into a ball by rolling in the conicla moulder. The shaped dough is then dropped into tins ready for baking.   

Due to high production rates and the acids present in the fruit doughs made, the existing coating had worn away leading to sticking issues and production problems. The components of the machine needing stripping and recoating with a suitable finish.  

 The machine parts were prepared firstly by pyrolysis oven. The elevated temperature of this process breaks down the existing coating and any dough residues on the substrate. The preparation is completed by shot blasting to remove all traces of the existing coating. 

The customer required a system that would provide good wear resistance and non stick capabilities. Our PR235HB high build five coat system was selected as it offers good coating life span and enhanced release properties.  

The product was applied by spray in multiple coats to a smooth and even finish before returning to the customer for reinstallation on their production line.  

If you have a refurbishment project in need of a non-stick coating solution, contact our sales team today to see how we could help you. 

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