Mamma Mia…

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IMG 8935 IMG 8934 IMG 8933 IMG 8932 IMG 8931 IMG 8930

Recently we were approached by the restaurant group, Mammas Kitchen, with a refurbishment coating project. They required a quick turnaround time as their usual release coating supplier was not able to help them.  

In addition to their restaurants, the customer has facilities to make their own cheeses. Their Unica B hopper machine which is used for the stretching and moulding of the ingredients for mozzarella, needed several parts stripping and recoating as the existing coating had worn away over time.   

The components were prepared by pyrolysis oven to break down the reminder of the existing coating and any other residues left on the substrate. The final preparation was done by shot blasting the parts smooth ready for spray application.  

As the customer needed long term durability and excellent release properties, our PR245W release coating system was used as it provides both these features and can be applied in one coat allowing us to return the finished components back to the customer within 2 days.  

If you have a refurbishment project in need of a non-stick coating solution, contact our sales team today to see how we could help you.

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