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Following an enquiry from a client in the automotive industry who were looking to improve their production line efficiency and reduce costs, we had the perfect release coating for the project.  

The company was experiencing an issue with their metal moulds, which are used to make polyurethane automotive parts. To stop the parts from sticking to the moulds, each mould base would be sprayed with a release agent every time they were used. 

Following the demoulding process, the moulds and parts must then be cleaned, which left the surface of the polyurethane parts contaminated with silicone. This labour intensive process of spraying and cleaning each individual piece was incredibly costly, messy and led to production time wasted. Luckily the solution was simple. 

To prepare the surface for coating, the moulds went through our pyrolysis oven process to remove any existing coating and residues. The moulds were then shot blasted ready for spraying.  

The metal moulds were coated with our PR175 Two Coat Release Coating System by spray application. As this coating provides maximum release properties, it eliminated the need for the silicone-releasing agent. This saved the customer a great deal of time and significant costs. In addition to these benefits, the polyurethane parts produced, which without the releasing agent contaminating them, could then be painted to the colour of the clients’ choosing. 

If you have a refurbishment project in need of a non-stick coating solution, contact our sales team today to see how we could help you. 

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