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IMG 8954 1 IMG 8955

Following an enquiry from a UK based engineering company, we completed a coating project of one of their heat sealing plates.  

The aluminium plate is used to seal packaging and reaches around 260°C for extended periods of time. Due to this high heat application, the coating needed excellent release and heat transfer properties.  

Based on this criteria, our PR175 2 coat system was selected as is provides premium non stick benefits and can withstand elevated temperatures.  

The plate was prepared by pyrolysis oven to eradicate any residues present on the surface before shot blasting ready for coating application.  

Despite the intricacies of the plate, a smooth even finish was achieved by spray application before returning to the customer. 

If you have a project in need of a non-stick coating solution, contact our sales team today to see how we could help you.

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