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An Update From Product Release:

As you are aware, the last several weeks have been a trying time for all industries across the UK and the rest of the world.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure our clients we are still running ‘Business as Usual’, delivering the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect.

Most importantly, while following current government guidelines set out to ensure optimum safety for our staff.

Finally, on behalf of Product Release and myself, I wanted to wish everyone well and hope you’re all staying stay safe during this global crisis.


Ian Gates
Managing Director
Product Release UK

The Non-Stick Coatings Specialist

Product Release Europe believes in innovation. We’re driven by it. We get paid for better results and make the industry more productive by applying the most effective FDA approved coating systems for the specific needs of the business. From our factories in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey and China, we are able to provide the most comprehensive range of Coating Systems to numerous industries across the whole of Europe and have an in depth knowledge of the requirements for many sectors.

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We have experience in working with the following industries;

  • Bakeries – for both cleaning/recoating and providing new bakeware
  • Food Production – machinery recoating meeting food approval standards
  • Automotive – recoating of production parts to increase productivity
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical – advanced coating technologies based on GMP rules
  • Chemical – coating systems with superior chemical and heat resistance
  • Print & Packaging – non-stick coating for machinery
  • General Industrial – variety of services including grit blasting, process water and heat treatment

We also have a variety of coating systems with properties suited for different requirements:

If you want any further information on the services we can provide for your business, simply get in touch and a member of our team will give you all the information needed.

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Headshot of Martin Higgott of Product Release Europe

Jacob Saabye

Jacob is the MD of Product Release Denmark and has been working with technology and business development throughout his career with companies like F.L Smidth and Carlsberg. Expanding global manufacturing, procurement, distribution, has been the focus since finishing his Bachelor of Export and Technology at Copenhagen Business school (CBS)

Jacob has over 10 years experience in applying surface coatings to the healthcare, medical device, and medical instrument industry.

Headshot of Ian Gates of Product Release Europe

Ian Gates

Ian’s background is as a development chemist. He worked as a chemist for Becker Industrial Coatings for 3 years, developing products for the MoD and the then Britsh Rail. He then spent 9 years working for Whitford Plastics Technical department in product development of fluoropolymer coatings for a wide range of industries.

Headshot of Kay Furless of Product Release Europe

Kay Fairless

Kay is our office manager, looking after the accounts side of the business. Kay started her working life in the insurance industry before joining Product Release and has been a valued member of the team for nearly 25 years. In her spare time Kay enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family.


Martin Higgott

Martin is our Production Director who looks after all aspects of production, from the organisation of collection of the goods from customer premises to the processing and ultimate return to the customer. His understanding of our products is exceptional as a result of over 35 years experience.


Aykut Gumus

Aykut Gumus is our MD of Product Release Turkey with an MS and BS degree from the Industrial Engineering department of Middle East Technical University. He started his professional life as a Production Engineer in New Holland Tractor plant and worked there for two years. His second job was the “Production of Industrial Bakeware Trays” and has got 17 years of experience as a Technical Managing Partner of his company.

Aykut is a long-distance triathlete and loves to swim, bike and run in his spare time. He has competed in and completed numerous 140.6 Mile, 70.3 Mile and Olympic Distance national and international races.